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Dan The Gardener - http://www.danthegardener.co.uk/

Aims to help encourage children and adult to respect nature by recycling, growing plants, fruit and vegetables, being healthy and having fun.

GardenList.com - http://www.gardenlist.com/

Find all the mail-order gardening catalogs in the US and Canada.

National Gardening Association - http://www.garden.org/

Nonprofit organisation aiming to sustain the connection between people, plants, and the environment by offering educational plant-based materials, grants, and resources. Includes garden news, videos, reports, event calendar and message boards.

Plantideas.com - http://www.plantideas.com/

Assists you in your gardening needs.

Yourgarden.com - http://www.yourgarden.com/

The gardeners global resource with articles, databases, shopping and much more.